Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday the 27th project 365

Today my picture is of the Wii Fit i just bought!!! YAY!!! I am so excited! I have been everywhere for he last 2 weeks trying to find one. Everywhere I go they are sold out as soon as it hits the stores. I just happened to call the Walmart closest to me this morning and they actually still had one! I asked them to put it behind the counter and I would be there in 20 minutes!! I am going to play it for the first time tonight when the kids go to bed.


  1. Ooo the Wii Fit is so fun! I have one-though I need to use it more (so it tells me every time I do turn it on, lol). I actually made a separate blog so that I can track my progress :) Have fun with yours!

  2. Congrats! I've been thinking about putting one on my wish list. Let me know how you like it.